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For those who demand the finest of what life has to offer. Start getting fit and receiving “exclusive offerings” from your favorite Luxury and Entertainment Brands.

What is an exclusive offer

We partner with some of the most iconic luxury, lifestyle, and entertainment brands globally. Exclusive Offers are unique, customized, limited — products, boutique services, and JunBugg Live, Streaming VIP access to marquee entertainment events.
(Sports, Concerts, Auto Racing, Fashion Shows, Hollywood Premiers, Music Festivals)

Luxury Credit Cards™
To compliment your new Body and Lifestyle, get exclusive credit cards from your favorite Luxury Brands. The ultimate possession to set yourself apart.
Note — Limited Availability

Look elegant in the latest luxury products, while enjoying the finest luxury services and preeminent entertainment events.  Luxury products range from — clothing, jewelry, automobiles, and fitness studios, to cruises, luxury hotels/spas, sports events, and auto racing.

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These special offerings are only available to members of JunBugg Fitness Social Network. Similar to our Boutique Fitness Solutions, luxury offerings are sent to your Newsfeeds. This allows for maximize engagement and entertainment with your favorite luxury and entertainment brands.

See our pioneering technology — AI & Algorithms, and the foundation it’s built on, Body-Types.

* Higher quality of life and Fitness Wealth
* Exclusive access to marquee entertainment events
* Exclusive offerings from your favorite Luxury Brands
* Exclusive credit cards from your favorite Luxury Brands

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Get fit. Experience a supreme body, distinction, and the finer things in life.
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