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Premium Benefits


  • Increased revenue, wealth, success, and a higher quality life
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Distinct Advantages


Engagement & Relevance

Instantly increase visibility of your business with an effective online presence you can make in minutes. Use JunBugg Events® to maximize income.

Influence & Visibility

Quickly build an audience. Crush revenue goals by growing followers and converting them into customers. Start by inviting people to your page.

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Posting to your Business Page is an intimate way to instantly connect with customers, to let them know what your business is up to, that magnify earnings. 

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NextGen Features


  • Distinct Business Profile, Cover Image, Contact Information, Newsfeeds, Event Planning, Alerts & Notifications; Social Media Polls; Likes, Reviews, & Ratings; Group Messaging, Live Chat, Share Images & Videos, Invite Friends

Distinct Core Benefits

  • Increased Revenue, Income, & Cash Flow; Ignite Website Traffic; Increased Customers, Visibility, & Market Reach; Build Relationships, Strengthen Brand Loyalty, Thriving Community, Massive Email List, Catapult SEO, Amplify Conversion Rates, Elevate Customer Service


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