Fitness Wealth 


Movement through energy enables fitness and with it comes all the accolades of life. We believe your intimacy with fitness is one of the greatest influences on your future wealth and success.

Fitness Wealth is the pinnacle in health, the complete physical and mental wellbeing, allowing one to flourish and enjoy the highest quality life.

A little-known secret about wealth — health is a requirement! Mental Health allows one to be emotionally healthy — be content with one's self, make rational decisions, and have positive/healthy thoughts. A Healthy Body allows one to physically move, easily work, be productive, and enjoy activity. These ingredients makeup fitness wealth, which leads to greater income and a higher quality life.
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The world has known many people to attain wealth but were unable to retain it because of a lack of mental health (substance abuse, living beyond one’s means, and the inability to be content with oneself and the material things that one possesses). 
See the mental health & wealth of billionaire Warren Buffett

– The mind is in a clear state for high-level thinking. These billionaires chose lifetime abstinence from alcohol, tobacco & drugs:
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*  Steve Jobs, Apple founder, market cap. - $1 trillion
*  Bill Gates, Microsoft founder, market cap. - $1 trillion
*  Warren Buffet, Berkshire Hathaway founder, market cap. - $500 billion
*  Larry Ellison, Oracle Founder, market cap. - $225 billionWhy settle for less than the finer things in life. Level the playing field by getting fit.

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