Our Story

A rich tradition of football success and oil wealth, Dallas, Texas is where the origins of JunBugg was conceived, when the founder Louis Green began playing Pop Warner football for the Oak Cliff Mustangs.


In the four seasons that Louis played for the Mustangs, camaraderie and teamwork lead to many championships.

It was an amazing experience, from beginning practice with running a lap around the field, calisthenics, and six-inches, to tackling drills, scrimmaging, and ending with sprints. And notably Thursday night potluck with mouth-watering Texas barbecue, delicious baked beans, fresh potato salad, ice-cold Coca-Cola, just to name a few. Participating in physical activity with the Mustangs was entertaining while optimizing Louis’s health — a social fitness wealth experience that would later become the blueprint for JunBugg.

Winning at an early age taught Louis the effects of teamwork. And more important, that “health is wealth,” the foundation that allows for prosperity. His first experience with organized sports is where he began training to help his teammates win football games. Building muscle and size were his goals. In later years and throughout college he began recognizing the array of different body-types among teammates. Image 1 – Louis Green #34; Age 10 mustang kneeling 200

Growing up as a slender youth, who retained his physique into adulthood, Louis participated in many sports and often wondered why weight gain was difficult. Unbeknown to him, the reason lay in his genetic DNA. He learned that he was an Ectomorph—a person with a naturally fast metabolism and slender body-type, derived from Dr. William Sheldon’s human physique classification system of the 1940’s.

Upon further studying genetic body-types, Louis began recognizing the deception in fitness advertisements, that makes people think they can achieve the same level of fitness as the fitness model, who doesn’t share the same body-type. This bothered Louis, and it was equally irritating seeing people at the gym with naturally slender body-types and fast metabolisms instruct people with slow metabolisms how to lose weight. And vice versa, seeing people with naturally muscular body-types and slow metabolisms instruct people with fast metabolisms how to build muscle.

Louis recognized that if he was experiencing problems gaining weight, conversely other people were experiencing problems losing weight, a bigger problem. He sympathized and understood the frustration with expensive, ineffective weight loss programs, the inability to lose weight, sustain weight loss, starvation, and feeling guilt for enjoying food are all too common.mustang jacket cropped

Frustrated with the one-size-fits-all training programs, Louis setout to create a solution that caters to the unique body-type of each individual. He began collaborating with friends of similar body-types as his own, and “mentors who were successfully achieving their fitness goals.” This was a game changer in allowing Louis to achieve better fitness results. Image 2 – The greatest testament of camaraderie and teamwork, Louis wares his letterman jacket. Cedar Hill, Texas.

Louis reasoned that there are millions of people around the globe of various genetic characteristics — body-type, medical condition, ethnicity, age, gender, body measurements, and speed of metabolism, who seek to attain a better body and supreme health. Whether it’s to lose weight, gain weight, or cure a medical condition, he realized the solution lay in networking with people of similar physical attributes and medical conditions.  

With the same camaraderie and teamwork that lead to excellence with the Oak Cliff Mustangs, Louis created JunBugg, a fitness social network encompassing Body-Type Match® and Medical Solution Search® to help people win, that yields unrivaled fitness results.

A unique system that encompasses team members of similar body-types and medical condition, * where that the success of an individual, rather than high income is achieved through collaboration by leveraging the successful experiences of their teammates. A true game-changer in allowing the average person to experience success and wealth through superior health.

The simple but yet invaluable data that members provide enable them to take their fitness, mental health, and sports performance to higher levels, while combating obesity, disease, e-cigarette, and drug addiction, for a higher quality of life. The hallmark of success, “teamwork” is the fuel that allows common people to achieve the extraordinary.

team1st person, first row – Louis Green #82. 3rd person, Donavon Green #16 (1977)