Our Story


JunBugg is the definitive social media leader in fitness, health, and wellness entertainment. Launched in 2021, it was created by visionary founder, Louis Green to help people achieve fitness excellence, inspired through music. Relentless in its pursuit to provide the ultimate entertainment fitness experience, JunBugg continue pushing boundaries through – innovation, influence, and engagement.



The Beginning

Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, Louis grew up as a slender youth who participated in sports, that continued throughout high school and college. Relocating to the San Francisco Bay Area in high school, then to Los Angeles, Louis always had a passion for fitness, and soon afterwards technology.

He retained his physique into adulthood and often wondered why weight gain was difficult as a student athlete. Louis learned that he was an ectomorph — a person with a naturally fast metabolism and slender body-type. More important, he recognized that if he was experiencing problems gaining weight, conversely other people were experiencing problems losing weight, a bigger problem.


After learning about body-types, Louis began recognizing the deception in fitness advertisements, that makes people think they can achieve the same level of fitness as the fitness model, who doesn’t share the same body-type. This bothered Louis, and it was equally irritating seeing people at the gym who possess naturally slender body-types and fast metabolisms, instruct people with slow metabolisms how to lose weight. And conversely, seeing people with naturally muscular body-types and slow metabolisms, instruct people with fast metabolisms how to build muscle.

Frustrated with the one-size-fits-all training programs, Louis created JunBugg, a fitness social network where people socialize based on unique physical attributes. He implemented a fitness social media strategy, considering advancements in the new millennium within the fitness and healthcare industry — from blockchain, digital therapeutics, and wearable technology, to social media, artificial intelligence, and bio-engineering.

(Louis Green playing catch, Cedar Hill, Texas, age 9)




Louis found the most advanced IOS platform, web hosting, and security technologies to provide the best-in-class operating system, for a distinct, high quality user experience. Years were spent planning the website design, its feature and functionality, for seamless navigation, to make using the platform entertaining while being effective.

In an ever-increasing global economy, Louis learned that the internet has leveled the playing field by making geographic boundaries irrelevant, while increasing competition for employment and stress to their highest level, including global obesity. This has led to a deterioration of our physical and mental health, family dynamics, making it difficult to achieve one’s goals.

Consequently, Louis realized that to be successful in today's society, it is not enough to be skilled in a trade, have a secondary degree, work hard, nor have financial wealth, itself. One needs an edge to separate themself from the crowd, to stay grounded. This means “fitness wealth” — the complete physical and mental wellbeing, allowing one to flourish through difficult times.



The Solution 

Louis used the “strength in numbers” concept, bringing people together to collaborate to solve fitness and health problems. Through social engagement, members of similar health conditions and body-types share unique solutions to optimize their health. This is the same concept that has allowed humankind to evolve — learn from someone that has achieved what you want to do.

The simple yet invaluable data that members provide enable them to take their fitness, mental health, and sports performance to higher levels, while combating obesity, disease, e-cigarette, and drug addiction, for a higher quality of life. The hallmark of success, “teamwork” is the fuel that allows common people to achieve the extraordinary.

Moreover, by tapping into the profound healing essence of music, Louis integrated it into the platform. By welcoming musicians aboard, he created a space for them to share their music and fitness regiments, igniting motivation for workouts, enriching their health and fans alike.

brainstorm notes final smaller
 (Original brainstorm notes for JunBugg Social Network)


 A Unicorn

A unique start-up with entertainment at its core, JunBugg will continue to adjust, work steadfastly, and craft solutions that bring a higher quality of life to humanity.

—  “People who work together will win, whether it be against complex football defenses, or the problems of modern society."
Vince Lombardi, Legendary NFL Football Coach (1913-1970)