An Introduction


Launched in 2018, JunBugg was created by founder, Louis Green to help people achieve fitness success, with a mission to provide a higher quality of life. But the idea was conceived many years prior to its opening.


The Beginning

As a youth growing up in Dallas, Texas, Louis’s affection of health and fitness began at the age of eight when he began playing Pop Warner football for the Oak Cliff Mustangs. Louis continued playing sports in high school and college and often wondered why weight gain was difficult. He learned that he possesses an ectomorph body-type, a slender frame and fast metabolism which makes weight and muscle gain difficult. This frustrated Louis because being bigger and stronger are good things for athletes. In contrast, there are also body-types that allow weight and muscle gain easily.

After learning about body-types, Louis began recognizing the deception in fitness advertisements, that makes people think they can achieve the same level of fitness as the fitness model, who doesn’t share the same body-type. This bothered Louis, and it was equally irritating seeing people at the gym with naturally slender body-types and fast metabolisms instruct people with slow metabolisms how to lose weight. And vice versa, seeing people with naturally muscular body-types and slow metabolisms instruct people with fast metabolisms how to build muscle.

From this observation, an idea was conceived and the mission of the business began to unfold.


The new millennium has saw significant advancements in the fitness and health industry, from healthcare data, social media, and wearable technology, to artificial intelligence (AI) and bio-engineering. To inspire people to get fit, Louis would integrate these health advancements with entertainment — Lifestyle, Fashion, Culture, and Sports. Getting fit has now become enjoyable, which has led to superior management of health conditions by allowing personalized connections for people to instantly collaborate and share the newest cures, fitness and preventive healthcare solutions. And the end result, fitness wealth – happiness, longevity, and a higher quality of life.

The Problem

Growth in the fitness and health industry has led to misleading and unethical marketing tactics by healthcare companies to sale products: a one-size-fits-all approach in fitness training; a pharmaceutical drug that cure many medical conditions, other than its intended use; and weight loss products that make you lose weight. There is also inequality in healthcare which contributes to lower quality care, unequal access to services, and poorer health outcomes among certain populations. These deficiencies lead to frustration, prolonged pain, illness, and fatalities, resulting in an unpleasant healthcare experience.

The Solution — A New Experience

Louis set out to create a solution that caters to the unique needs of each individual, that also improve fairness in healthcare. With social media changing the world, the goal was to use social media and fitness to create a solution through a personalized, entertaining user experience. A monumental task and despite many setbacks, Louis used a common-sense approach and created JunBugg, a fitness social network.

Simply, success is achieved from learning from someone that has already achieved it. This is how the human species have evolved. Based on individuals' past success, JunBugg allows people of similar body-types and medical conditions to share and improve upon fitness and health solutions, by socializing through unique communities, to achieve optimal fitness in least time and effort.


A unique start-up with innovation at its core, JunBugg welcome challenges. The company will continue to adjust, work steadfastly, and craft solutions that bring a higher quality of life to humanity.


team1st person, first row – Louis Green #82. 3rd person, Donavon Green #16 (1977)