Get Fit With Friends

Socialize with friends and music artists to get fit, on a new fitness social network.

Experience superior fitness through AI-assisted technology.

Get fit for a higher quality life.

Experience joy in getting fit with friends and teammates. Access tailor-made fitness solutions powered by AI, making weight loss effortless. Get motivated discovering fitness routines of music artists.
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Enhance your well-being through the power of music.

Experience relief and renewed confidence through Body-Type Match®, ensuring long-term weight loss success. Elevate the joy of staying fit sharing music with friends that inspire, making exercise easy and fun.

Enjoy the benefits of a JunBugg membership:

Health Excellence

The ease of weight loss success, exceptional physical and mental fitness


 – Listen, share, and get inspired to music that optimize your fitness and wellness


 – A site for content creators/artists to enhance their brand, that increase fans, engagement, visibility, & earnings


 – Amplified business exposure; a business page that increase customers, engagement, & revenue

Experience quality of life through better fitness with friends.
Get fit through music inspiration to look and feel amazing.
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Get inspired with friends, team members, & music to get fit.
Use the power of AI to experience the magic of weight loss.

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How It Works


Collaborate with friends and team members who’s been successful getting fit:

1 ) Identify your body-type or health condition

2 ) Complete 5 question Fitness Profile

3 ) Join a community group related to your body-type or health condition

4 ) Start socializing with friends to get fit

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What members are saying about success ...

  • “I didn’t realize how big of an impact meditation would have on my mental health success. It’s like day and night. I’m crushig it.”

    — Sharon
  • “Music therapy is cool. I feel great making music that manifest my goals and inspires. I'm now attracting success into my life.”

    — Evan
  • “I feel amazing with my weight loss. It’s such a relief keeping it off. I now feel amazing wearing fashion I’ve always desired. My life has changed.”

    — Liz