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How It Works —

Socialize with members of the same Body-Type or Medical Condition to get fit. Receive proven, tailored fitness solutions to your Newsfeed by algorithms. The same technology used by TikTok, Amazon, & Netflix.

Members share unique fitness and medical solutions — to experience the ease of weight loss success for a higher quality life.




Body-Type Match®

Health Is The New Wealth

Experience unprecedented fitness results using JunBugg’s unrivaled, bespoke fitness solutions. Connect with members of the same body-type who have been successful getting fit, to help you do the same. Our innovative fitness offerings assure success through strength in numbers. Fitness secrets are shared to achieve superior fitness results in least time.

Through advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI), weight loss and sustaining weight loss are now effortless. Our multitude of fitness solutions cultivate — relief, distinction, excellence, and quality of life. See exclusive luxury offerings that complement your new body.

Newsfeed use algorithms to recommend the most successful fitness and weight loss solutions. Algorithms see patterns of successful fitness solutions, learns the most effective ones, and recommend them to newsfeed.

As solutions evolve and improve, the algorithm learns. The algorithms recognize increased engagement on successful fitness and medical solutions, reward them with even more attention and higher rankings on newsfeed. 

Leverage the same technology used by TikTok to transform your body.

With a refined, elongated looking physique, experience fashion you’ve always desired. End the exhaustive weight loss battle. Imagine a leaner, beautiful you.
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Complimentary Case Study: How Wealth Is Linked To Health (PDF)

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Healthcare At Its Finest


Medical Solution Search® — Experience relief, joy, and serenity through Patient-Shared Data using pioneering artificial intelligence. Fitness Wealth Await.

Through our NextGen Search Database™, find members globally of similar medical conditions and chronic illness (e.g., Cancer, Diabetes, Asthma) that have cured or greatly relieved their condition, to assist you to do the same. Through algorithms, newseeds recommend the most successful medical solutions. Harness the same technology used by TikTok, Amazon, and Netflix to transform your health.


Your health is priceless. When patients share real-time health data, collaboration on a global scale occurs, which means more cures for loved ones and humanity. Through "entertainment," engage to co-create solutions with — patients, researchers, doctors, biologist, pharmaceutical companies, therapists, holistic and spiritual practitioners.

Sharing patient experiences, outcomes, and success create the possibility for infinite health solutions. Through fun, personalized engagement, JunBugg delivers unparalleled health solutions for a higher quality of life. Explore our life-changing membership offerings. Sign-up now to experience rejuvenation, joy, and quality of life. >>

Enjoy the comfort of discreet *Private Groups (acceptance required), i.e., addiction, eating disorder, mental health. Engage, foster camaraderie, and co-create solutions to be resilient. Confidentiality is protected by encryption, Next-Gen Security©.

Shared patient data results in

  • * quality of life
  • * joy and happiness
  • * relief of pain
  • * reduction and minimizes pain and illness
  • * increased patient satisfaction
  • * faster recovery post-surgery
  • * improved mental health
  • * better coping and support system
  • * superior quality aftercare
  • * superior management of medical condition
  • * superior addiction management


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JunBugg Fitness Profile®

Enjoy unparalleled fitness results for the highest quality of life, on our luxury social media cloud-based platform. The one-and-only platform that allows you to complete a personalized fitness profile, bio, and fitness questionnaire.

Focus training with laser precision workout regimens to experience an exquisite body. Over 50 personalized questions encompassing — fitness, health, medical condition, nutrition, body-type, and social dynamics (family size, work schedule, work type) characteristics. These details enrich the quality of the database for exceptional search results. End dreadful fad diets and starvation. Look and feel beautiful.

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Genetic Body-Types®

Through our state-of-the-art Cloud technology, learn about your body-type and the secret to weight loss to experience — elegance and distinction. Never-heard-before information about Body-Types® and how to leverage it to sculpt an exquisite body. Enjoy a provocative fitness experience. Discover how it feels to have the body you’ve always desired. Experience success, true refinement, and increased income. A higher quality of life awaits.

Personalized training from someone of your body-type allows for superior fitness results. End the boredom of counting calories, points, and eating over-priced packaged foods. Look elegant at dinner, entertainment events, and parties. Why settle for less than the finer things in life.


   Endomorph — slow metabolism, curvy sexy body, "weight gain easy"
    ▪ Beyoncé, Cardi B, Kim Kardashian, Selena Gomez, Oprah Winfrey, Mariah Carey, Ashley Graham

   Ectomorph — fast metabolism, slender gorgeous body, "weight/muscle gain difficult"
    ▪ Brad Pitt (Fight Club), Halle Berry, Taylor Swift, Stephen Curry, Chris Brown, Michael Fassbender (300)

   Mesomorph — slow metabolism, muscular beautiful body, "weight/muscle gain easy"
    ▪ Serena Williams, Mark Wahlberg, Dwayne Johnson, Michael B. Jordan (Creed), Chris Hemsworth (Thor)

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NextGen Algorithm®

What’s an algorithm?
An algorithm is a sophisticated, computer program — Artificial Intelligence (AI) that computes large amounts of data to solve complex problems at light-speed, using advanced mathematical computations.

How our algorithm lead to elegance, weight loss, & superior health?
Based on your Body-Type and Medical Condition, the JunBugg algorithm recommend personalized solutions from people who have successfully got fit or overcome illness. It cross-references millions of solutions in a fraction of second — to provide you with the best solutions, for you to experience a superior body and health. The more that a solution proves successful, the algorithm recommends it to newsfeeds. 

Our technology allows members to experience relief and a higher quality of life.

Example 1 — if a significant number of cancer patients are experiencing success with particular solutions, the algorithm recommends videos of those solutions to cancer patients.

Example 2 — if a significant number of endomorph members are experiencing weight loss success using a particular workout and nutrition solution, the algorithm recommends videos of that solution to endomorphs.

As solutions improve, the algorithm learns and recommend them. This means users will always be using the most advanced fitness and medical solutions to stay healthy. See fitness wealth.

Explore our world-class, boutique fitness membership offerings. >> Peace of mind, relief, and the finer things in life await.


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Innovative Technology. A social media engineering marvel, our Next-Gen platform was designed taking into consideration every element of our members’ fitness needs. The craftsmanship of our world-class software engineers yield — preeminent algorithms and AI, on a rich user interface, that creates an unprecedented fitness social experience. Our sophisticated software allows for customized fitness training, that produce unparalleled fitness results for the highest quality of life.


NextGen Search Database®

Our premier, innovative search database yield light-speed fitness results for a higher quality life. It easily allows you to select numerous distinct Physical and Daily Work-Life Characteristics to connect with mentors of similar characteristics as yourself.

Over 50 Body-Sculpting searchable attributes for defining your ultimate physique. Whether you want to lose weight, get leaner, harder, or build muscle, JunBugg is your solution. Experience unprecedented fitness success for — elegance, prosperity, and quality of life.

Your new body is just a few clicks away. Explore our distinct, boutique memberships to experience elegance, prosperity & excellence.  >>

  • * Body-Type
  • * Medical Condition
  • * Age
  • * Gender
  • * Weight
  • * Blood Type
  • * Ethnicity
  • * Body Measurements – height, arm, leg & torso length; chest & hip size
  • * Number of child births
  • * Weekly work hours

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Life-Changing Communities

Be Wealthy & Thrive Get a phenomenal body and relieve medical conditions to experience joy and the best that life has to offer. Distinct fitness communities consist of members of your unique body-type and medical conditions.

Quickly lose weight to transform your health. Feel rejuvenated through life-changing fitness communities. End the frustration of weight loss and agonizing symptoms of chronic illness. Collaborate and connect with millions of others, all working towards a common goal, quality of life.

Through cloud-technology newsfeeds, apply real-time fitness strategies to experience a remarkable body. Transform your life by joining a distinct Fitness Community today. Success and a rich life await.  >>


Distinct Social Networking Features

* Fitness Profile – prepare for success by completing the innovative fitness profile with physical, health, & lifestyle characteristics that leads to a superior body and distinction

Live Streaming – COMING SOON! Produce rich, real-time videos that maximize engagement & revenue. Broadcast premium media content to billions

* NextGen News Feed™ - receive the latest, relevant, life-changing health solutions delivered to your news feeds, powered by our NextGen algorithm system

* Business Page – a captivating, large cover image that ignite website traffic to maximize revenue, wealth, and prosperity (Likes, Reviews, Rating, Alerts, & Social Media Polls)

* Private Groups – be resilient; optimize your mental health and wealth by having private, secure correspondence that lead to peace of mind, joy, & relief

* Rich Discussion Groups - share fitness & mental health challenges with teammates to get instant results, that optimize your health, keeping you lean and elegant

* Exclusive Communities - thrive & stay relevant; harness the power of team members to engage in life-changing fitness strategies to experience quality of life

* Distinct Messaging - remain beautifully healthy and stylish by getting personalized, one-on-one guidance from mentors of your body-type and survivors

* Personal Post - share your remarkable fitness strategies and experiences with friends — and what motivate, influence, and inspires you 



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* Business Post - skyrocket revenue and profits that increase your wealth and quality of life by posting engaging and relevant content for customers

* HQ Images - share your fitness achievements & new life with amazing images of your body transformation with family, friends, & your community

* HD Videos – see, hear, engage & personally connect to express effective, life-changing strategies to experience the best of what life has to offer

* Event Planning - enjoy life by staying lean and healthy by planning fun, invigorating fitness activities that keeps you beautiful, attractive, and rejuvenated

Elite Sports Performance

Leverage Body-Type Match® to experience elegance and elite sports performance for a higher quality life.

Take your sports performance to a new level through customized training and nutrition with team members of your body-type. Invest in your body like elite athletes — from Michael Jordan, Tom Brady, and Lebron James, to Odell Beckham Jr., Serena Williams, and Julio Jones. Be great!

“Experience superior agility, acceleration, speed, quickness, hand-eye coordination, while becoming defined, stronger, or bigger.” Easily collaborate to find the perfect nutrition, workout, and cardio program that keep you in supreme condition in least time and effort. Get exclusive luxury offerings.

Know exactly how to eat, when to eat, and what to eat for your body-type, that optimize your conditioning for high-level sports performance. Experience accolades and success in high school and NCAA play, TV Appearances: Football Bowl Games & Basketball Tournaments.

Experience an elite body and sports performance like NFL, NBA, and MLB players. Your body is priceless.  Leave a legacy like — Kobe Bryant, Tiger Woods, and Floyd Mayweather. Discover our limited-time membership offerings. >>

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Health, Wealth, & Prosperity


Get fit and enjoy the finest, iconic luxury brands that life has to offer. You deserve the finer things in life.

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