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How It Works

Socialize with mentors of the same Body-Type and Medical Condition who's been successful getting fit. Mentors share details on how they achieved success. Each person’s success strengthens the network, refine solutions, yielding higher quality health results.

On our premium platform, VIP members get distinct training, health, and nutrition secrets for unparalleled fitness results. 





Body-Type Match®

Æ — Search for people of distinct body-types who's been  successfully getting fit, to help you do the same. Other unique search attributes are — gender, age, height, weight, and ethnicity. With a new body, style and look elegant in Louis Vuitton, dinning, and entertainment events.

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Medical Solution Search®

Æ — Find members of similar medical conditions (e.g., Cancer, Diabetes, Asthma, Acne) that have cured or greatly relieved their condition to assist you do the same. Solutions are improved as more people join the network to assists in curing health problems.

Co-create solutions with — patients, researchers, doctors, pharmaceutical companies, therapists, and spiritual practitioners.

Join to experience relief, rejuvenation, and quality of life.  >>

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Elegant Body-Types®

 Æ — Personalized training from someone of your body-type allows for unparalleled results. Look and feel amazing enjoying life's finest. See elegant body-type details.

* Endomorph slow metabolism, curvy & beautiful body, "weight gain easy"

* Ectomorph — fast metabolism, slender & gorgeous body, "weight/muscle gain difficult"

* Mesomorph — slow metabolism, muscular & stunning body, "weight/muscle gain easy"

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NextGen Algorithm & A.I.

 Æ — JunBugg algorithm deliver personalized solutions to your newsfeed from people who have successfully got fit or overcame illness, to help you do the same.

Through 5G, conveniently receive the most advanced, up-to-the-minute solutions, to experience an exquisite body, in least time and effort.

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Elite Sports Performance

Æ — Experience excellence. Take your sports performance to new levels through customized training with team members of your body-type.

Have superior agility, acceleration, speed, quickness, hand-eye coordination. Experience an elite body and sports performance — NCAA, NFL, NBA, & MLB.

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Enriched Communities

Æ — For maximum engagement and problem solving, private communities consist of groups of every body-type and medical condition. Get a phenomenal body — experience resilience. Look elegant, smelling amazing wearing the crisp, refreshing fragrance of Coco Chanel.

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Distinct Social Networking Features

Æ — Built on Quality-of-Service (QoS) technology, displaying on an alluring interface, our innovative socializing features create an inspiring and engaging fitness experience that cultivate unparalleled solutions. Style, be lean and gorgeous.

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NextGen Search Database

Æ — Our advanced search database yield unmatched fitness results. Choose from numerous attributes to connect with mentors of the same Social Dynamics who’s been successful getting fit.

Social Dynamics – i.e., health condition, job type, weekly work hours, number of child births, number of children, income, single parent, religion, etc. Experience success and prosperity.

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Health, Wealth, & Prosperity


Get fit and enjoy the finest, iconic luxury brands that life has to offer. Experience excellence.

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