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From the Somatotype body-type classification system of the 1940s, the three body-types that influence your training are – Endomorph, Ectomorph, and Mesomorph. Many people fall into a Combination Body-Type, that have various body part lengths, shapes, muscularity, and speed of metabolism. Socializing with people of the same body-type, age, and ethnicity is the secret to losing weight.


* Endomorph — curvaceous sensuous body, slowest metabolism, weight gain easy
* Ectomorph — slender body, fast metabolism, weight and muscle gain difficult
* Mesomorph — muscular body, slow metabolism, weight and muscle gain easy
* Ectomorph/Mesomorph — Ectomorph traits, but easily gains muscle like Mesomorph
* Mesomorph/Endomorph — Mesomorph traits, but easily gains weight like Endomorph


Some people may see signs of their body-type in their teenage years. Others may see signs of their body-type after high school, after their body has developed. As a teenager, one's body is still growing, with its metabolism at its highest. This explains how a person could eat anything they wanted in high school, without exercising and not gain weight, but after college begin gaining weight. This occurs because of a slower metabolism.

The various body-types aren’t written in stone. They’re just a guide for people to be aware of their unique body-type characteristics, to formulate a successful workout regimen by socializing with members of similar body-type characteristics.

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Fitness Wealth

Regardless of your body-type, it can be sculpted into a beauty of art by recognizing and understanding how it works, and implementing proper nutrition and exercise strategies. Correctly categorizing your body-type is paramount for success. Collaborating with members of similar body-types, age, fitness level, ethnicity, and medical condition will allow you to experience the best results.

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The endomorph body-type has the slowest metabolism and is the most sensitive to carbohydrates — making weight gain easy. This body-type is generally curvy with greater developed hips, breast, and buttocks. Limbs tend to be — shorter, with a wider physique, bigger joints, and bone structure. Endomorphs are stronger than the ectomorphs, which allow for easier muscle development. Endomorph Examples — Beyoncé, Cardi B, Kim Kardashian, Kevin James, Oprah Winfrey, Mariah Carey, Ashley Graham, Zion Williams


The slow metabolism assists in — absorbing maximum nutrients which results in beautiful skin and hair, and thick nails. Weight gain distributes equally over the body, but more throughout the − hips, breast, and buttocks. Reducing stress and getting sleep are paramount for Endomorphs, to reduce cortisol, which produce body fat in the stomach area.

Consuming high-calorie, carbohydrate meals at night, such as — spaghetti, garlic bread, soda, and desert, lead to significant weight gain for Endomorphs. Eliminating carbohydrates in the evening prevents unused carbohydrates from being stored as body fat.

Nutrition that optimizes their physique are — lean cut meats, chicken, turkey, fish, eggs, nuts, plain yogurt, fat-free milk, and complex carbohydrates / fiber — such as brown rice, beans, and vegetables. Gauge Girl, the authority of body-type training explains this beautifully. For weight loss, consuming low-calorie foods while minimizing carbohydrates are paramount, and — consistently performing interval training, and/or medium to high-intensity cardio. Limiting meals in the evening to small, low-calorie portions tremendously benefit Endomorphs.


Endomorph Body-Type Traits:

* Slow metabolism
* Weight gain easy
* Full-figured
* Curvaceous, elegant physique
* Shorter stature and limbs, and wider physique
* Torso is the same length or longer than the legs
* Weight loss difficult
* Muscles are less defined
* Stronger than Ectomorph

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The ectomorph body-type is naturally
slender, with a small frame and joints. Limbs are typically long with lean muscle mass. They have a fast metabolism which quickly burn calories, making weight and muscle gain difficult. Eating frequently, high-protein food, high-calorie food, and protein shakes are crucial to sustain weight. Ectomorph Examples — Brad Pitt, Halle Berry, Taylor Swift, Stephen Curry, Chris Brown, Michael Fassbender, Michael B. Jordan, Chris Rock,


Heavy, compound exercises are effective for muscle gain. However, excessive weight can injure the Ectomorph in the long-term because of their small joints and slender frame. The Ectomorph body-type is the least sensitive to carbohydrates — making carbohydrates vital for sustaining weight.

Eating full meals in the evening allow their body to absorb maximum nutrients to maintain weight and muscle. Nutrition that optimizes their physique are – meat, chicken, turkey, eggs, fish, beans, whole milk, heavy/dense foods, and complex carbohydrates.

Even though the ectomorph has a fast metabolism, however, as one age and partakes in grossly unhealthy eating habits, obesity occurs. When ectomorphs gain weight, it distributes to their midsection area — opposed to being evenly distributed throughout the body like the endomorph and mesomorph.


Ectomorph Body-Type Traits:

* Fast metabolism
* Delicate frame and bone structure
* Difficult to build muscle
* Difficult to gain bulk muscle mass
* Flat chest and shoulders
* Skinny straight shaped body with small joints
* Weight and muscle gain difficult
* Lower body fat with lean muscle
* Long and lanky
* Legs are longer than the torso

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A mesomorph body-type has a slow metabolism, large bone structure, which make weight and muscle gain easy. The mesomorph can build muscle easily. Protein consumption is less important than it is for the ectomorph and endomorph — it will accelerate muscle growth. Most bodybuilders are mesomorphs. Similar to the endomorph, mesomorphs are sensitive to carbohydrates, making weight gain easy. Mesomorph Examples — Serena Williams, Mark Wahlberg, Dwayne Johnson, Michael B. Jordan, Chris Hemsworth, Shannon Sharp, Jonathan Majors.


A mesomorph can eliminate meat from their nutrition and still retain a muscular physique, unlike the ectomorph and endomorph. Mesomorphs' body responds easily to any type of resistance training, using the same amount of effort as the ectomorph and endomorph.

Weight gain distributes equally throughout the body. Nutrition that optimizes their physique are – lean cut meats, chicken, turkey, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruits, nuts, plain yogurt, fat-free milk, and complex carbohydrates. For weight loss, consuming — low-calorie foods while minimizing carbohydrates are paramount, and “consistently” performing interval training, and/or medium to high-intensity cardio. Limiting meals in the evening to small, low-calorie portions tremendously benefit mesomorphs. This prevents unused carbohydrates from being stored as body fat.

Mesomorph Body-Type Traits

* Slow metabolism
* Gain muscle easily
* Easy to build bulk
* Naturally muscular physique
* Typically, under 6 feet tall
* Gains weight more easily than Ectomorph
* Naturally strong
* Hard body with symmetrical muscle size
* Torso is the same length or longer than the legs

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Combination Body-Types


The first body-type listed in a Combination Body-Type is the primary trait — the “the speed of metabolism,” followed by the secondary trait, the “physical shape.” An example of an ectomorph/mesomorph body-type is Lebron James, the NBA basketball player who’s 6-feet, 8-inches tall. Typically, mesomorphs are under 6 feet tall, make up a large percent of body builders.



This body-type group has — 1) the metabolism of an ectomorph, and 2) the ability to “easily” gain muscle (lean muscle instead of bulk) like the mesomorph. 3) The lower or upper body maybe more muscular (mesomorph trait) than the other. For example — one may have naturally developed calfs or legs, but the upper body requires more effort to develop (ectomorph trait.) 4) One may have an average physique, but when they begin exercising — they’re able to achieve quick fitness results (mesomorph traits), with the same effort, nutrition, and exercise regimen as the average person.


This body-type has — 1) the muscular characteristics of a mesomorph, but 2) has a slow metabolism like the endomorph.

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