Our Business.

We provide a higher quality of life.


Redefining Elegance & Luxury

Movement through energy enables fitness, and with it comes all the accolades of life. We believe your intimacy with fitness is one of the greatest influences on your future wealth and success.

− To assist maximum people achieve superior fitness and health, most efficiently and consistently for the highest quality life.

Quality & Distinction — JunBugg is a boutique fitness social network, and "the only luxury social media, lifestyle brand." A truly distinct fitness social experience, it offers entertaining fitness solutions for superior health, and the ease of weight loss through AI for a higher quality life. Other exclusive offerings include — Live Streaming and VIP access to marquee Entertainment Events.
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What distinguish JunBugg from other fitness programs is that — 1) it's entertaining and inspiring,  2) you socialize with members of similar body-types and medical conditions, and 3) we use Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to recommend fitness and medical solutions to Newsfeed. Algorithms see patterns of successful fitness solutions, learns the most effective ones, and recommend them to Newsfeed. As solutions evolve and improve, the algorithm learns and thus recommend those.
Press Release – JunBugg Innovates Healthcare: Launch NextGen Website

Health Is The New Wealth — JunBugg™ is the definitive social media leader in fitness, health, and wellness. A new approach to healthcare, JunBugg promote “quality of life” through social entertainment that optimize your health. It organically fosters collaboration, camaraderie, and creativity to cure and bring relief to chronic illness globally. Experience Fitness Wealth >>

Based in Silicon Beach, residence of tech giants Google, Facebook, and Snapchat, JunBugg offers the latest in health solution innovation — in patient-shared data, from Management and Support, to Science and Technology, shaping the future for patient self-management globally. Through personalized engagement between — patients, researchers, doctors, biologist, pharmaceutical companies, therapists, holistic and spiritual practitioners, JunBugg delivers unparalleled health solutions for a higher quality of life.

  • Location – Silicon Beach; Los Angeles, California
  • Boutique Fitness Attributes – newsfeeds (algorithms & AI), live streaming, personal page, business page, body-type search, medical solution search, community groups, videos, photos, real-time chat, instant messaging, group chat, events
  • Launched – 2018
  • Business Type – Fitness Social Network
  • Industry – Fitness Technology (FitTech)
  • Chinese Nickname  – Dragon 龍
  • Tagline – Fitness Wealth™, Health Is the New Wealth™, Quality Of Life™
  • Vision – To transform physical fitness and provide an exceptional social fitness experience to members globally
  • Company Name – JunBugg, pronounced like the insect June Bug and its unique spelling was chose to brand the business. The other reason the name was chosen is because of the similarities with the June Bug insect; they emerge in great quantities in the summer. Similarly, people emerge in great quantities at the gym during spring to get fit for summer, and also in January to achieve their New Year's fitness resolution.

Core Values

— Service
Constantly perfecting, expanding our services, and finding solutions are
paramount. This is how we create value for members and humanity.

— Innovation
We believe in dreaming, thinking unconventional, and exploring the
unbelievable. We are unique; we are committed to innovation.

— Team
Recruiting team members that are aligned with our mission and
values are invaluable to our success. Teams win championships.

— Employees
We value employees; they are everything and the biggest asset to
our business. Laborers are the reason for great works of art.

— Ethics
We unwaveringly stand for racial justice, equality, and human rights. We
are committed to integrity, diversity, and gender neutrality.

— Enjoyment
We promote a fun, flexible, and energetic work environment to stimulate
creativity and productivity. Having fun promotes greatness.

— Consciousness
We're all one energy and aspire to be a higher self and understand
that gratitude and love transcend life, make infinite possibilities.


The definitive
market leader in fitness,
health & wellness.