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* A premium business page, website link, distinct community groups, & improved email marketing
* Magnified sales, income, & cash flow
* High-quality social engagement, unmatched visibility, & influence
* Increased memberships, fans, & customers, plus superior customer experience

Social Media & Email Marketing — Optimize your email and social media strategy by adding weblinks in your posts, to your website that accelerate email signups, conversions, and sales. Invite customers to our upscale platform to create multiple touchpoints that engage customers and fans, to maximize profits.

Capture priceless email and social media metrics to sky-rocket sales of existing customers, while increasing website traffic, to gain sales from prospects. Turn followers into a goldmine of revenue generating customers that multiply earnings while increasing market share.

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Community Groups - A Revenue Generating Goldmine


  • Use Community Groups To Accelerate Sales — Unlike Instagram, Groups allow customers to communicate about your product, while also allowing 2-way communication between you and your customer. Learn the unique needs of your customers to multiply revenue. *Most valuable, Groups allow customers, members, employees, and partners to engage together that maximize organizational efficiency and income.

    For example, Groups can be created for a music artist's albums, fitness community, concerts, festivals, and Live-Stream concerts.

    Groups create numerous customer touchpoints for unparalleled engagement, to learn detail customer needs, that increase sales. Groups make improving products and services easier, including upselling and introducing new products. Invite customers to your Group to take your business to new heights.



Group Benefits:

  • * High-quality social engagement that increase — sales, income, & cash flow
    * Customer insight to improve products, that propel revenue and upsell opportunities
    * Track common complaints, sources of confusion, while sparking new feature ideas that stimulate revenue
    * Customers provide feedback and share unique ways they’re using your products to solve problems, leading to greater purchases
    * Customers share their stories and experiences that increase brand loyalty, resulting in new sales
    * Connect with customers, partners, and employees in one place, to maximize growth & ROI




    • Use Events To Convert Followers To Customers Unlike Instagram, promote your brand by inviting Group members to Events that maximize audience engagement and sales. For example - workshops, album release, fashion show, festival, Q&A session, product launch, charity event, trade show, networking mixer, party, dance, store opening, webinar, team building, etc.
    • Bespoke Social Media Solutions, Upon Request – Contact a personal client representative to discuss your customized social media needs.



Superior Social Engagement


Engagement & Relevance

Employ personalized email campaigns to effectively engage and communicate with your audience. Get unmatched customer feedback. Find out what people are saying about your product. Build strong, authentic relationships with customers and fans that skyrocket revenue.

Influence & Visibility

Increase social engagement that quickly build an audience and increase website traffic. Crush revenue goals by growing followers and converting them into customers. Start by inviting people to your page.

Innovate & Amplify

Posting to your Business Page is an intimate way to instantly connect with customers, to let them know what your business is up to, that catapult earnings and cash flow. 

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Unparalleled Social Features

Premium Featuresunlike Instagram, our offerings include — a professional business page*, website link*, community groups*, polls*, events*, mobile & desktop platform, business profile, announcements, review & ratings, and file sharing

Distinct Features — sophisticated comments, private groups*, group messaging & chat, business post, image & video upload/YouTube link*, newsfeed, hashtag, discussion groups, communities, tagging, alerts; location, photo, & video sharing



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