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Body-Type Match™

Æ — This premium search feature, harnessing AI ChatGPT, produce unparalleled weight loss, in least time and effort, for long-term success. Find select members of similar body-types who’s been successful losing weight, to help you do the same.

Join an exclusive health community to experience fitness wealth. Example —  yoga, vegetarianism, hip-hop dance, cooking, spin, mental health, addiction recovery, paralympics, etc.

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Medical Solution Search™

Æ — Through shared health experiences, this premium search feature, through AI allows you to connect with select members of your medical condition who've relieved their condition, to help you do the same.

Through peer support groups, camaraderie, inspiration, medical and fitness experts, make managing your medical condition enjoyable. Join an exclusive community (sickle cell, breast cancer, diabetes, heart disease, etc.) to start collaborating, to get personalized solutions, to experience a higher quality of life.

Community Insight. See what members are saying about — post surgery care, effective and safe drugs, side-effects, alternative medicine, nutrition, and strategizing to circumvent bureaucracy to reduce medical expenses.

Strength In Numbers. Collaborative solutions are co-created by patients. Experts aid in refining solutions — doctors, nutritionists, researchers, pharmaceutical companies, therapists, spiritual and holistic practitioners.

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NextGen Algorithm™ & AI

Æ — From our authentic user-generated solutions, the JunBugg algorithm uses advanced machine learning. It cross-references millions of data points, from people who have successfully got fit or overcame illness, and serve the most effective solutions to newsfeed. Conveniently receive the most advanced, up-to-the-minute strategies, for unparalleled fitness results..

As solutions improve, the algorithm recognizes increased engagement of the most effective solutions, rewarding them with higher rankings on newsfeed.

Example 1 — if a significant number of sickle cell patients are experiencing success with a particular solution, the algorithm will recommend these solutions to your newsfeeds.

Example 2 — if a significant number of endomorphs are experiencing weight loss success using a particular solution, the algorithm will recommend these solutions to your newsfeeds.


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