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Body-Type Match™

This AI-assisted search feature produces unparalleled fitness and weight loss success, in least time and effort. The algorithm chooses friends from your social network, of the same body-type who’s been successful losing weight, to help you do the same. 

Through machine learning, solutions are tailored and refined for your body-type and sent to newsfeed. 

Your friend matches have the same — body-type, gender, ethnicity, age, height, weight; arm, leg, & torso length

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Medical Solution Search™

Find friends and members of the same medical condition who have relieved their symptoms, to help you do the same. Machine learning take the guess work out of how to get better by delivering you personalized health solutions.

Through camaraderie and advanced technology, make managing your medical condition a fun experience.

Join a community (mental health, breast cancer, diabetes, etc.) to start collaborating to feel amazing.

Strength In Numbers — Collaborative solutions are co-created by patients. Medical, nutrition, and spiritual experts aid in refining solutions, streamlined by AI.

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NextGen Algorithm™ & AI

From our authentic user-generated solutions, the JunBugg algorithm is built on advanced AI technology. Machine learning cross-references millions of data points, from people who have successfully got fit or overcame illness, and serve the most effective solutions to newsfeed.

The algorithm recognizes increased engagement of successful solutions, learn details of people using them, then make sophisticated calculations to perfect and customize solutions.


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